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The MCAT® is a highly challenging test that puts your scientific knowledge and critical thinking under a magnifying glass. It deliberately pushes your mental powers to the limit under rigidly enforced time limits. Those who come poorly prepared find it an intimidating experience.

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Our Comprehensive MCAT Prep Course includes:

  • 146 hours of classroom instructionUnique to Prep101 The most comprehensive MCAT prep course in Canada spread over 10 weeks to give you ample time to digest everything.
  • Flexible ScheduleUnique to Prep101 Classes offered twice weekly to give you the choice of weeknight or weekend lectures – or both. It’s your call.
  • Unlimited Free Repeat PolicyUnique to Prep101 Take our course as many times as it takes to get you ready with no strings attached.
  • Team of expert instructors Our instructors are specialists in their field and have lots of teaching experience.
  • 41 Lessons We cover everything you need to know in all eight MCAT subjects.
  • 36 In-Class Exams and 28 WorkshopsUnique to Prep101Eighty hours of classroom time devoted to high yield problem-solving drills and exercises.
  • 6 Master The MCAT Study Guides
    Completely revamped for the new MCAT.
  • 6 Classroom Companions 1000s of pages of review, drills, problems, and critical thinking exercises taken up in class.
  • 4 Workbooks 1000s of passage-based practice MCAT questions with full solutions.
  • 10-12 Practice Tests Full-length computerized practice tests tailored to the new MCAT.
  • Online Lectures Watch any time from the comfort of home.
  • Online Forum Interact online with classmates and instructors at your own convenience.
  • Unique to Prep101Email access to instructors Contact any of our instructors by email throughout the course.

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