About Prep101

Since 1999, we’ve helped over 400,000 students get marks and test scores they didn’t think they were capable of. Our comprehensive MCAT Prep Course can do the same for you.

Our Comprehensive MCAT Prep Course includes:

  • 146 hours of classroom instructionUnique to Prep101 The most comprehensive MCAT prep course in Canada spread over 10 weeks to give you ample time to digest everything.
  • Flexible ScheduleUnique to Prep101 Classes offered twice weekly to give you the choice of weeknight or weekend lectures – or both. It’s your call.
  • Unlimited Free Repeat PolicyUnique to Prep101 Take our course as many times as it takes to get you ready with no strings attached.
  • Team of expert instructors Our instructors are specialists in their field and have lots of teaching experience.
  • 41 Lessons We cover everything you need to know in all eight MCAT subjects.
  • 36 In-Class Exams and 28 WorkshopsUnique to Prep101Eighty hours of classroom time devoted to high yield problem-solving drills and exercises.
  • 6 Master The MCAT Study Guides
    Completely revamped for the new MCAT.
  • 6 Classroom Companions 1000s of pages of review, drills, problems, and critical thinking exercises taken up in class.
  • 4 Workbooks 1000s of passage-based practice MCAT questions with full solutions.
  • 10-12 Practice Tests Full-length computerized practice tests tailored to the new MCAT.
  • Online Lectures Watch any time from the comfort of home.
  • Online Forum Interact online with classmates and instructors at your own convenience.
  • Email access to instructorsUnique to Prep101 Contact any of our instructors by email throughout the course.

Unique to Prep101 = Unique to Prep101