Classroom Companions

We offer a Classroom Companion with each one of our study guides. They’re designed to reinforce what you just learned in the guide, and are meant to add even more structure to the class. Our Classroom Companions make it easier for you to take down notes by providing a framework for you to follow, so you can focus on what the instructor is telling you. dissertation proposal sample

MCAT Classroom Companion Biology / Biochem MCAT Classroom Companions Biology / Biochem 2 Chemistry Psych / Soc CARS Physics

Prep101 is strongly committed to providing a uniquely interactive, dynamic learning environment for students taking our prep course. Passively listening to an instructor droning on at length is not the best way to learn a subject. We believe students learn best by doing, and we base the classroom component of our MCAT prep course on the principle of active learning.

Our classrooms are more like highly structured study groups than university lectures. We know our students are self-disciplined, highly motivated adults who are there to prepare themselves for this tough exam. We challenge our students to contribute to an intensive learning environment, and we expect our instructors to keep them focussed and engaged throughout each two-hour lesson.

The foundation of this active-learning environment is our Classroom Companions that include:

  1. Fill-in-the-blanks exercises to complete in class under the guidance of an expert instructor, an interactive approach that fosters deep learning of the concepts in the Study Guides.
  2. Critical thinking exercises – that challenge students to quickly analyze new and complex material as they work through tricky questions on testable MCAT concepts.
  3. Fully worked examples of difficult, high-yield MCAT problems with detailed step-by-step problem-solving methods that show you how to recognize and solve these recurrent question types.
  4. Stand-alone practice questions throughout each lesson in the Classroom Companion to thoroughly reinforce comprehension.