Why should I take a Prep Course?

Here are some good reasons for investing in a prep course:

  • Structure – we know how much time you need to spend on each section, so we keep you on schedule.
  • Proven Methods – we know which study methods and exam-writing strategies work, so you don’t have to figure it out for yourself.
  • Focus – we keep you focused on the key concepts and problem-solving skills that are tested on the MCAT, saving you time and effort.
  • Motivation – working with instructors and classmates keeps you motivated.
  • Feedback – dry-run MCATs and in-class practice mini-tests with individualized feedback tell you where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and help you track your progress.
  • Help from expert instructors – our instructors can clear up anything that’s confusing you, so you’re not left to figure it out on your own
  • Teamwork – that “we’re all in this together” spirit really helps your morale.
What should I look for when choosing a Prep Course?

There are plenty of MCAT Prep Courses out there, each with their own philosophy and methods. However, there are three key things to look for when choosing a prep course:

  1. Top-quality instructors
  2. Comprehensive study materials
  3. A well designed course.
How does Prep101 compare with other companies?
Will taking the Prep Course improve my score?
What are the unique features of Prep101′s MCAT Prep Course?
  • 108 hours of classroom instruction – the most comprehensive MCAT Prep Course in Canada
  • Flexible Schedule – Each class offered on a weeknight and again on the weekend. Pick one – or go to both. It’s your call.
  • Writing Sample Feedback – Detailed feedback and score reports for up to 28 essays.
  • Strategy and Skills Workshops – Proven test-taking methods and techniques from our expert instructors.
  • In-Class Exams – 30-minute passage-based exams in every class to reinforce key points in each lesson.
  • Email access to instructors – Contact any of our instructors by email throughout the course.
What is exceptional about Prep101 instructors?

There are plenty of reasons why taking a class with an instructor is the most effective way to prepare for the MCAT. Buying a good study guide or practicing with old MCAT tests helps. But they’re no substitute for working with an instructor who really knows his stuff.

Our instructors have been teaching students at this level for years
We’re the only MCAT prep company that also offers prep courses for undergraduate classes. Our instructors have years of experience in teaching the same topics that are on the MCAT.

Our MCAT Prep Course is delivered by teams of specialists
We use teams of instructors to deliver our MCAT prep course – each one teaching in his or her area of expertise. Other companies rely on one instructor to deliver their entire MCAT prep course, but we don’t believe that a generalist can do justice to the course

Our instructors have to pass an audition
When we hire instructors, we put them through a competitive audition by having them teach a mock prep class to a room full of undergraduate students. We can’t think of anyone better qualified than students to spot the best teachers so we let your peers decide who we hire. Only Prep101 goes to these lengths.

We post every instructor’s biography, teaching experience, and evaluations
We firmly believe that students should know who’s going to teach them. That’s why we post information about all our instructors on our website, including a full biography, educational background, and teaching history.

But we don’t stop there. We ask each of our students to rate their instructor’s performance. And because you ought to know how well the person who’ll be teaching you performs in the classroom, we post those reviews alongside the instructor’s biography. No other MCAT prep company does that.

What is exceptional about Prep101 study guides?

A good study guide is almost as essential to your MCAT preparation as the instructor. You’re dealing with more information than you’ve ever had to in any class you’ve taken before. A well-organized study guide helps you manage it.

Customized to the MCAT
Our Master the MCAT Study Guide is not a general textbook. It’s meant to help you learn the material and master the problem-solving skills you need to write the MCAT – nothing more, nothing less. It has plenty of practice MCAT questions, and strikes the right balance between explanation and practice.

Comprehensive, Concise, and Focused
Some MCAT prep companies think they’re giving you more value by pumping their study guides full of facts. But all you get is hundreds of pages of extraneous information. Our Master the MCAT study guide presents only material you need to know for the test.

Integrated into the Classroom
It’s not enough simply to include relevant information in the study guide. You need to review it in class too. Some companies assume that students will cover much of the material on their own. Not us – we cover the entire study guide in the classroom. And our instructors give out their e-mail addresses, so students can ask them questions any time.

A good study guide makes complicated concepts easy to understand, taking you step-by-step through the problems you’ll encounter on the MCAT. Our Master the MCAT study guide isn’t a jargon-laden textbook. Its design helps you quickly and easily find the information you need, using simple and clear explanations.

What is the structure of the Prep Course?
What is the format of the Prep Course?
See Format
What are Strategy and Skills Workshops?
What course materials are included?
What outside the classroom resources are included?

If you’re serious about the MCAT, you’ll prepare for it even when you’re not in the classroom. It helps to have lots of resources at your disposal, there when you need them. Knowing that support is there when you need it is a real morale booster.

Online Lectures
Miss a class? No problem. Every lecture is posted online for you to view at any time from the comfort of home. And the Online Lecture are available for a full year after the end of the prep course so you can go back and watch them again to refresh your understanding of any part of the course.

Follow-up Email Tutoring
Our instructors give out their email address, so they can tutor students outside the classroom right up to the day of the MCAT. They’ll respond directly to your email questions, during and after the prep course.

Online Forum
Prep101 students can also log into our Online Forum where instructors will answer your questions, and you can
interact with fellow students preparing for the MCAT.

Are Online Lectures included in the price?


How long are Online Lectures available?

24/7 throughout the course and for one year after the course ends so you can go online and refresh your understanding of any part of the course even after it is over.

What is “flexible” about the schedule?

We’re the only MCAT prep company that lets students customize their weekly schedule. We present each of our 54 lessons and workshops on a weeknight, and again on the weekend. Students can choose to attend either or both classes, depending on their own schedule week to week.

And if you miss both classes, you can watch our Online Lectures at any time from the comfort of home.

Where can I find more info about the instructors?
When are the Prep Courses?
How does the free repeat policy work?

One of the goals of Prep101 is to give you the confidence to do as well as you possibly can on the MCAT. After taking our prep course, if you feel you still aren’t fully prepared for this challenging test, then we encourage you to repeat the course again at no further charge.

*Does not include AAMC licensing fees for simulated MCATs

How does the money-back guarantee work?

This guarantee is offered to all students taking our Classroom Prep Course. If you write the Diagnostic MCAT and all the Simulated MCATs by the specified deadlines, and attend all our lectures, your score will improve when you write the actual MCAT. If it doesn’t, we will refund the cost of the course minus the cost of materials.

Does Prep101 provide individual tutoring?
How do I contact Prep101?
How do I sign up?

There are 4 ways to register for our MCAT prep course:

Online – The easiest way is online at Sign-Up

  1. Fax – To sign-up by fax, please complete the MCAT Registration Form included in the Information Package and fax it to (416) 907-9187.
  2. Phone – To sign-up by phone, please call 1-877-878-0882. You can register over the phone using Visa or MasterCard.
  3. Mail – To sign-up by mail, please complete the MCAT Registration Form in the Information Package and mail it to:

Prep101 – MCAT Division
344 Bloor Street West
Suite 600
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 3A7

Please note: Registrations by mail must be received at least one week prior to the beginning of your course.

Where can I find out more about the MCAT?
Where can I find free study aids for the MCAT?
What is the refund policy?
  1. 100% refund if you withdraw at least two weeks before the start of the prep course.
  2. Prep101 retains the $100 deposit if you withdraw less than two weeks before the start of the prep course
  3. 100% refund if the prep course for which you register is full or canceled
What is the cancellation policy?

Prep courses must obtain a minimum enrollment in order to proceed.

What is the discount policy?

We grant a maximum of one discount per student per prep course. If you are eligible for multiple discounts, we will honour the discount with the highest dollar value. No new or additional discounts will be granted to registered students after the course starts. 

When do I get the Study Guides and Home Study Kit?

Study Guides and the Home Study Kit are shipped to you two weeks before the start of the course (expect delivery within 3-5 business days).

When do I get the Classroom Companions?

Classroom Companions are shipped to you two weeks before the start of the course (expect delivery within 3-5 business days).

What are my Payment Options?

You have two payment options:

  1. Full Payment guarantees your spot and the Study Guides and Home Study Kit will be shipped to you two weeks before the start of the course (expect delivery within 3-5 business days).
  2. $100 Deposit guarantees your spot but the Study Guides and Home Study Kit will not be shipped to you until you pay the balance.
If I only pay the $100 deposit, when is the balance due?

14 days before the start of the course.

If I only pay the $100 deposit, how do I pay the balance?

Log In to our account and select Pay Balance.