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Chansey Veinotte  (Bio/Biochem)

Chansey Veinotte has been a prep instructor since 2010 for the MCAT prep course and since 2013 for undergraduate exam prep sessions. He completed a BSc. in Biology with Honours and a MSc. in cancer biology at Dalhousie University. Chansey has been a TA/tutor for many undergraduate science/health courses and labs for the last 8 years. He is a hands-on instructor who promotes an interactive classroom where students are encouraged to participate and feel comfortable approaching the instructor with any questions/concerns. His lectures are tailored to cover the need-to-know material for the MCAT and practice the difficult concepts. Chansey provides great analogies to break down and simplify even the most complex material. He has won several awards for lectures he has given to both students and to the general public. “The MCAT is a demanding and intimidating exam. With quality focused instruction, regular self review and lots of practice, you can beat it!”

Chansey   Veinotte


2012, MSc. [Microbiology & Immunology]
2010, BSc. (Honours) [Biology]

Teaching Experience

2013-present, prep instructor, Intro Biology, Cell Biology
2010-present, prep instructor, MCAT Biology
2011-12, TA, Cell Biology, Diversity of Life
2011-12, Tutor, Pharmacy
2009-10, TA, Intro Biology, Histology
2008-9, TA, Diversity of Plants & Algae

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