In-Class Exams

The MCAT is unlike any test you’ve ever written. It puts a premium on critical reading and intuitive reasoning, and requires you to synthesize knowledge from several different fields of study.  Each MCAT question is a dense passage full of confusing and misleading data designed to trick you into making the wrong choice.  Straight calculation or memorization won’t help.  You need to be able to sort through all the extraneous information, apply the knowledge that’s pertinent, and then select the right answer.

We devote more time to problem-solving than any other MCAT prep service.  We don’t just re-hash first-year topics. We take the time to fully explain how you should go about answering the questions, teaching you specific approaches to all the major types of problems on the test.

We hold 30-minute passage-based In-Class Exams in our classes every two hours.  After each exam, our instructors walk you through the exam and show you our step-by-step strategy for analyzing passages and answering questions. Using our method, you’ll approach every passage with confidence, even if you’re not familiar with the subject.

We believe that practice makes perfect. By constantly going over practice questions, you’ll become a better problem-solver and reinforce your knowledge.