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Robert Moscaritolo  (Physics)

Robert Moscaritolo has completed a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in biological physics and recently completed his B.Ed. During his undergraduate studies at York University, Robert was a peer advisor, student mentor, and he pioneered a student-run physics and math help center. He has won several awards for his outstanding contributions and commitment to improving undergraduate student life. Since 2009, Robert has been a TA in numerous Physics courses. He takes a relaxed and easygoing attitude with his students, often throwing humor into his lessons. Robert believes that anything can be accomplished with a hardworking attitude that is determined, committed, and perseveres, even when things get challenging. Robert enjoys working with his students; helping them to develop a growth mindset that welcomes mistakes as learning opportunities. With a tenacious attitude that “sticks to it”, Robert believes any student can succeed.

Robert  Moscaritolo


2013 - 2014, B.Ed. [Intermediate/Senior -- Physics and Mathematics]
2011 - 2013, M.Sc. [Biological Physics]
2011, B.Sc. [Biophysics]

Teaching Experience

2014 - Present, Online Course Developer, Physics and Mathematics
2013 - Present, Physics Prep Instructor
2013 - Present, MCAT Physics Instructor
2012 - 2013, TA, Biophysics of Excitable Cells
2011 - 2012, TA, Introductory Physics
2010, Biophysics Laboratory Developer
2010, Biophysics Curriculum Developer
2009 - Present, Tutor, Physics and Calculus
2009 - 2011, Physics Help Centre Coordinator
2009 - 2011, Peer Advisor/Mentor
2009 - 2010, TA, Introductory Physics
2005 - 2006, Teaching Assistant, Mathematics

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