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Stephanie Lammers  (CARS)

Stephanie Lammers is an M.D. Candidate at Queen's University as a member of the Class of 2016. Prior to initiating her medical studies, she completed a B.Sc. at Western University with a Major in Medical Sciences. Fuelled by her passion for the arts complementary to her passion for the sciences in equal measure, she most enjoyed the Verbal Reasoning (now Critical Analysis & Reasoning Skills) section while writing her MCAT in 2011. She believes that critical analysis of written works as well as test-taking are best approached as skills that can be acquired and polished with thoughtful study and practice. She looks forward to working tirelessly with her students to optimize their MCAT outcome.

Stephanie Lammers


2012, B.Sc. [Medical Sciences]
2012-Present, M.D.

Teaching Experience

2009, Co-Operative Education Placement as Teaching Assistant, Grade Eight Classroom
2013, Suturing Instructor, Canadian Undergraduate Conference on Health Care
2014, Laparoscopy Simulation Co-Instructor, Women?s Health Technical Skills Evening

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