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Jonathan Blankenstein  (Biology, Physics, Verbal Reasoning)

Jonathan Blankenstein scored a 33R on the MCAT and he is currently attending medical school at the University of Ottawa. Jonathan graduated from UWO with a B.Sc. (Honours) in Biology and Medical Sciences, where he was awarded a Governor General’s Medal and Western Gold Medal for biology. Jonathan has been tutoring at the undergraduate level for many years, and students appreciate his structured and straightforward way of breaking down complicated topics. Jonathan focuses on high-yield methods because he knows it’s all too easy to get bogged down in complicated details and to miss the big picture, especially on the MCAT. He loves surprising students with simple approaches to tackling daunting concepts, so that they can confidently attack any problem.

Jonathan  Blankenstein


2011-present, M.D.
2011, B.Sc. (Honours) [Biology & Medical Science]

Teaching Experience

2011-12, Medical Review Tutorial Leader
2007-11, Small Groups Tutor, Medical Science, Biology, Essay/Lab Writing

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