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Tara Vanderveer  (Bio/Biochem)

Tara Vanderveer has completed a B.Sc. in Microbiology, a M.Sc. in Biology, and will begin a Ph.Ed. in Biology in the near future. Tara discovered early on in her graduate career that teaching was her favorite part of being a graduate student, and she also teaches Biology at the college level. Her teaching philosophy is to stress understanding and problem-solving and to foster enthusiasm and curiosity in her students. Tara truly enjoys working as a professor and TA and tutoring students to help them reach their academic goals. Her long-term goal is to pursue a career in molecular biology, and she is hoping for a mix of research and teaching at either the college or university level.

Tara Vanderveer


2006, B.Sc. [Microbiology]
2012, M.Sc. [Biology]

Teaching Experience

2012-present, college instructor, Biology, Chemistry and Physics
2010-present, prep instructor, Biology
2009-present, TA, Biological Diversity
2005-present, Tutor, Genetics, Biology, Chemistry

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