Strategy & Skills Workshops

Many people think the MCAT simply tests your grasp of basic first- or second-year concepts from your undergraduate Science program.  But that’s only the beginning. The MCAT challenges you to apply these concepts in wholly unexpected contexts.  For instance, the  biochemical basis of a wine’s flavours, or the Hubble telescope’s optics, or magnetism in laser jet printers.  That goes way beyond university tests or exams.

Simply put, the MCAT tests your ability to write the MCAT.  To get a competitive score, you need strategy, timing, analytical reasoning, and critical thinking – all qualities of a skilled physician.  The fact is that a candidate with well-honed test-taking skills almost always outscores one who knows lots about basic science concepts but not so much about the MCAT.

These test-taking skills can be learned.  By taking a prep course that covers all testable content, pre-med students can acquire the know-how to outperform their competition.  Our instructors teach valuable strategies and skills, and provide critical thinking drills in every lesson.  But we deliver more than that.  Our four two-hour Strategy and Skills Workshops are devoted solely to high-yield test-taking techniques such as mapping passages, effective time management, elimination-and-prediction multiple-choice strategies, and study plans.  We entrust these intensive workshops to our MCAT Coordinator – Prep101’s most experienced, highest-scoring MCAT prep instructor.