Our MCAT prep course is divided into two stages: before class and in class. Both stages come with their own dedicated set of study materials specifically designed to maximize gains at each point of the learning curve.

We break down the MCAT into 41 lessons that our Master the MCAT Study Guides cover in individual chapters. Before class, students read each chapter and work through 24 practice questions. This helps to familiarize them with the basics and boosts confidence before the class.

In class, the first half is devoted to a lecture, in which the instructor covers the chapter’s key concepts and works through drills and critical-thinking exercises in our Classroom Companion. This builds upon the before-class readings by delving much deeper into complex MCAT applications. Following that is a 30-minute passage based in-class exam covering only topics in the lesson which the instructor reviews with students after they’ve written it.

Most other prep companies don’t offer this much in-class testing and review. In fact, most of them offer the majority of their course hours online, which are never as effective as face-to-face interaction in a classroom.

With years of experience in developing study material and classroom instruction, we know how to set just the right rhythm to keep students focused. Writing MCAT passages and questions will be second nature for students once they have completed our course.

Before Class In Class

Before Class

  • Read Study Guide chapter
  • Complete 24 practice questions

In Class

  • 1 hour review of key concepts plus critical thinking drills in Classroom Companion
  • 30 minute In-Class Exam
  • 30 minute review of In-Class Exam