Study Guides

Study guides are almost as essential to your MCAT preparation as expert instructors. You’re dealing with more information than you’ve ever had to in any class you’ve taken before. A good set of study guides is your go-to source.

Customized to the MCAT

Some MCAT prep companies think they’re giving you more value by pumping their study guides full of facts. But all you get is hundreds of pages of extraneous information. Our Master the MCAT study guides present only material you need to know for the test. They’re meant to help you learn the material and master the problem-solving skills you need to write the MCAT – nothing more, nothing less.

Integrated into the Classroom

It’s not enough simply to include relevant information in the study guides. You need to review it in class too. Some companies assume that students will cover much of the material on their own. Not us – we cover the entire series of study guides – cover-to-cover – in the classroom.


A good set of study guides makes complicated concepts easy to understand, taking you step-by-step through the problems you’ll encounter on the MCAT. Our Master the MCAT study guides goes easy on the jargon. It’s designed to help you quickly and easily get at the information you’re looking for.

Our Study Guides

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  2. General Chemistry Study Guide
  3. Organic Chemistry Study Guide
  4. Physics Study Guide
  5. Verbal Reasoning Study Guide