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Amanda Arruda  (Biology, General Chemistry, Verbal Reasoning)

Amanda Arruda scored a 33R on the MCAT and she is currently attending medical school at the University of Toronto. Prior to this, Amanda completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Toronto, with a double major in Human Biology and Psychology. During her undergraduate program, Amanda received many academic acknowledgements including spending 4 years on the Dean's List and graduating with a Silver Academic Medal. She has also completed a Master's of Science in Molecular Biology, where she studied the movement of viral RNA within cells. Amanda's dedication to teaching has been demonstrated through her years of experience with students of all ages. Amanda's familiarity with the challenging medical application process and her enthusiasm for teaching has made her a great resource for her students.

Amanda Arruda


2009-present, M.D.
2009, M.Sc. (Molecular Biology)
2007, B.Sc. [Honours] (Human Biology and Psychology)

Teaching Experience

2009-Present, Tutor, The Saturday Program
2008-9, TA, Cell Biology
2008-9, Tutor, Virology
2008, TA, Neurobiology

Student Evaluations