Tutoring Boosters

We offer the most comprehensive MCAT prep course with the most learning resources.  That’s more than enough for most of our students.  Yet it isn’t unusual for some students to struggle with a particular segment of the MCAT.  For example, a student who has never taken a university-level Physics course may need some customized, one-on-one help with an instructor.  And many Science students find the Verbal Reasoning and Writing Sample sections to be major challenges.

Finding affordable, first-rate MCAT tutoring can be tough, but that’s what you get with our Tutoring Boosters. These private tutoring packages – 12 hours for one subject and 48 hours for all subjects – with an instructor come at an hourly rate that’s lower than any other MCAT prep company.  With years of experience as classroom teachers and private tutors, our instructors are highly qualified to help any student master those areas of the exam that pose the greatest difficulty.  As part of this service, your tutor creates an individualized tutoring plan by analyzing your AAMC MCAT Score Reporting Form to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie.  We also provide additional passages, drills, and exercises for Tutoring Booster students to give them even more practice material in the areas where they struggle.

Prep101 Kaplan Princeton Review*
Hours Price (per hour) Hours Price (per hour) Hours Price (per hour)
1 Subject 12 $1500 ($125) 16 $3520 ($220) 15 $2799 ($186)
All Subjects 48 $4800 ($100) 48 $9360 ($195) 35 $4998.99 ($142)

*All Prep101 tutors have same qualifications (2+ years teaching, excellent evaluations) of Princeton Review’s Master Tutors.