Toronto (York) Course Details


Amanda Formosa  (Biology, General Chemistry)

Amanda Formosa is a medical student at the University of Toronto who scored 30 on the MCAT. Before this, Amanda completed a PhD in Medical Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine at University of Rome Tor Vergata in Italy, and an H.B.Sc. double major in Biology and Chemistry with a minor in Professional Writing at the University of Toronto. She has been a TA for several biology and chemistry courses. After completing a CELTA teacher training course Amanda taught English overseas. Amanda?s teaching style includes everything learned as a CELTA student: she makes things student-centered and asks concept checking questions to ensure student understanding.

Amanda Formosa


2007, B.Sc. (Honours) [chemistry, biology]
2011, PhD (molecular medicine)
2014, MD candidate (in progress)

Teaching Experience

2006-7, TA, organic chemistry
2006-7, TA, genetics
2007-8, English teacher
2008-11, mentor to junior PhD students
2008-11, occasional lecturer in molecular biology topics