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Winny Li  (Bio/Biochem, Chem/OChem)

Winny Li is a medical student at U of T who scored 30 on the MCAT. Before that Winny graduated with Distinction from Queen’s University with a B.Sc. (Honours) in Biology and then completed a M.Sc. (Medical Science) at U of T studying the molecular genetics of kidney development. She has been actively engaged in academic outreach programs for high school and university students in addition to tutoring students from diverse academic backgrounds. Winny uses teaching strategies that facilitate understanding the underlying theories and principles rather than solely relying on rote memorization of concepts. She creates an interactive and relaxed learning environment aimed at helping students succeed on undergraduate tests and exams and also on the MCAT.

Winny  Li


2014-present, M.D. [Medicine]
2014, M.Sc. [Medical Science]
2012, B.Sc. (Honours) [Biology]

Teaching Experience

2013-present, MCAT Prep Instructor, Chemistry
2013-present, Prep Instructor, Cell Biology, Genetics
2012-present, Community Lecturer, Let's Talk Science
2009-12, Peer Learning Assistant
2006-12, Tutor, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Student Evaluations